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Welcome To The Ramp Rack

We are a family owned rapidly growing Lawn Care & Landscape company based out of Smithsburg, MD. We now manage about 175 weekly mowing clients as well as a full landscape crew and commercial snow removal. As our company grows we are always looking to make our work more efficient. One thing we saw setbacks in were the trailers we were pulling. These setbacks included replacing tires on a regular basis, maintaining tags and inspections, maintaining lighting and finding employees that were comfortable with backing a trailer in and out of job sites. This is when we developed The Ramp Rack! This product has saved us time, money and frustration. While it is not suited for all operations, it makes a small to medium sized landscape crew super-efficient. The other major benefit to The Ramp Rack is its fully removable. This means when we are done with mowing season we can easily remove the rack and put in salt spreaders to have dual purpose trucks. We are excited to offer The Ramp Rack to other industry professionals starting Fall 2018.

Cost Savings Example

We have found The Ramp Rack saves each 2 person crew about 3.5hrs of labor each week. If your hourly rate is $65 per hour that is $455 of revenue you could be gaining each week. In a 28 week mowing season it adds up to $12,740 of revenue gained!

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Why Work With The Ramp Rack

Customers have immediately realized financial, time-saving and safety benefits from using The Ramp Rack:

  • No trailer tags, title, inspection or insurance costs
  • Workers don’t need experience driving with trailers, plus no additional tire wear – our customers save an average of $300 in tires per year
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Labor savings - efficient load/ unload time – a two-man crew save an average of 2.5 hours per week in efficiency
  • Safer handling than a trailer in high traffic areas
  • No need to park truck and trailer along the roadside

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A. Our standard rack is designed to fit most makes and models of full-size trucks only. If you have a small pickup (ex. Colorado / Ranger, etc.) -- just email us your truck information, measurements and pictures. We’ll be happy to custom-build a rack for you.
A. No, the Standard Ramp Rack is made to fit stock truck beds only. We would be more than happy to make one custom for you. Just email us your truck information, measurements and pictures.
A. Yes, the Ramp Rack is being designed and manufactured to have interchangeable rails for different size truck beds.
A. The average weight is around 500 lbs. The weight of custom-builds will depend specifically on what size truck it is going on.
A. It is your responsibility to determine if your trucks GVWR can handle The Ramp Rack. It may require rear leaf spring helpers on some vehicles depending on what you plan to haul. As The Ramp Rack weighs only 500 lbs, all pickup trucks can haul The Ramp Rack; however, payload weight varies based off of your specific vehicle.
A. No, local pickup in Smithsburg, MD, or freight options available.
A. Yes, The Ramp Rack can be shipped anywhere in the United States. The newly manufactured bolt-together version fits on a pallet for easy and affordable shipping. Please let us know if your shipping destination is a commercial or residential location and if you will have a skid loader on site to unload.
A. We welcome you to visit our shop in Smithsburg, Maryland, where we would be happy to get The Ramp Rack set up for you.
A. Assembly instructions can be found here.
A. Being a smaller company we start the manufacturing process when an order is placed. Typically it takes 3-5 weeks between the time an order is placed to the time an order ships. Occasionally we do have units on hand ready to ship. Please call to inquire.
A. Without any modifications a 48” mower will fit between the wheel wells. If wheel wells are pushed in, a 52” mower can fit in the front. We personally run a 36” mower in the front and a 52” in the back without modifications.
A. The light wiring is set up to plug right into your trailer hook up. It comes with a standard 4 flat trailer wiring connector.
A. It depends on your local laws and regulation in your state. In most states this does not require a DOT #.


“Saw this at the photo shoot meetup outside with Chant, this is a dope little mowing setup. Fraction of the cost when you really think about it”

Brian's Lawn Maintenance

“Love it. Definitely considering this product for my 2019 startup. Good job Sir.”

Stephen Fair

“We have "mowing only" crews as part of our fleet and this is what we've been looking for. We do 1/8 acre, 1/4 acre, 1/2 acre, 1 acre lots mostly and I hate pulling a huge trailer setup into these residential neighborhoods just to cut the grass. It costs a lot to pull a trailer, need to train to pull it, tags/title/taxes/broken lights/insurance/broken tires. This solution would also allow us to have twice as many mowing trucks in our current shop location compared to our current truck/trailer setups. We're very excited about this and look forward to trying one out.”

A Cut Above

“This thing is awesome. Getting rid of trailers is amazing.”

Mulch Mate

“Awesome. Glad to see guys local to me doing cool stuff. Will definitely be looking you guys up. I want one!”


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